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Meet the team

Emma Green

Emma joined Reed Forwarding in 2011, coming from tourism industry she quickly adapted her skills to the busy world of freight forwarding, working way up through the business she is now our Operations manager, overseeing our busy logistics office and warehouse.

With a passion for the Reed Forwarding Emma puts our customers first right through from enquiry stage to arrival of goods with customer, experienced in the challenges that can arise with shipments Emma is our key problem solver.

Outside of work, Emma enjoys the great outdoors and forest walks with her bouncy dog, has a passion for motorsports and can usually be found with a with a paint brush in hand working on the next home renovation project.

Sabrina Payne

Sabrina decided to take a career change after six and half years of working as a patisserie in the catering industry and was looking for a new challenge she took part in a level 2 course in business and administration to adapt and grow her skills.

Sabrina joined Reed Forwarding Ltd to look after export, import and air freight shipments and is there from the initial booking stage right through to their final destination. She is trained in completing customs clearance and documents that may be required for the shipment. Sabrina prides herself in adapting to individual customers’ needs and appreciates that everyone is different and has their own preferences.

When she is not pursuing the atlas, you’ll find her in the garden seeing how many more yellow flowers she can plant or in the kitchen making goodies for the rest of the team.

Our warehouse team is made up of Jake Lanccee (Supervisor), Kyle Harwood and and Marti Smith.

Jake and Kyle both joined Reed Forwarding in 2011 and have stayed with us since, a loyal team who understand the importance of accuacy and have learnt their skills in container loading from our warehosue manager Paul O’Meara.

Marti joined Reed Forwading after finishing education and while working here has gained the necesssary skills to be become competent and vital team member.