Air Freight Services

Reed Forwarding  have worked tirelessly over many years to build  good relationships with many carriers and agents to allow us to offer a large range of services and provide competitive rates to our customers.

Why Choose Air Freight

  • Speed: It is the fastest form of freight transportation, significantly faster than sea, road and rail alternatives.

  • Reliable: As airlines operate on strict schedules, cargo arrival and departure times are very reliable.

  • Safety: Due to strict security measures, you can feel comfortable that your cargo is being well looked after during its transportation.

  • Accessibility: Due to the nature of the transportation, air freight offers wide coverage of flights to many locations around the world. It can give you access to places that other freight options cannot easily.

Types Of Air Freight Services

Air freight is “the carriage of goods by aircraft” and there are different types for consideration:

  • Express: The fastest and most expensive way to ship goods. In exchange for a premium price, your goods are guaranteed to make it to their destination on time.

  • Standard: This is the most common service, in which the shipment may make several stops at different airports and transfer into different aircraft before reaching its final destination.

  • Deferred: This service allows shipments that are not a high priority to be deferred until space becomes available on an aircraft. It is the most cost-effective due to a longer transit time.

  • Charter: If you need to move a large number of goods urgently, then you can charter a plane and transport them yourself. This is very quick but extremely expensive.

Air Freight Services Offered

  • Direct Airway Bill

  • Consolidations

  • Import customs clearance

  • Consular Documents

  • Letter of Credit presentations

  • Hazardous Cargo

  • Export Packing

How much does air freight cost?

Cost breakdown:

Air freight pricing is calculated from three factors:

  1. Shipment Type (size and weight of goods, as well any specific requirements in the case of special cargo)

  2. Destination (international airport or a local / goods only airport)

  3. Speed at which delivery is required

In addition to this, air freight would incur other additional costs such as surcharges and customs duty / taxes.