West Africa

We have been specializing in shipping to West Africa for over 10 years which means we have understanding and experience in all elements of shipping to this area.

We can provide our customers with all the documentation and advice that is required for shipping to all West African ports. We can provide the documentation you require to open form M’s as well as arrange CTN’s and also complete your final documents for clearing your goods.

So if you looking to ship for the first time or are already established in exporting to Africa we can offer you the best advice and expertise to ensure the goods are received in the best possible condition and in the most cost effective way.

We have good relationships with the majority of shipping lines which allows us to give you competitive rates and the best options with service and transit times. This also allows us to offer our assistance for cross trade shipping including exporting from Europe and Asia directly to Africa.

We can also offer our services in arranging groupage and airfreight for smaller shipments to all major destinations in Africa