When the customer wishes to despatch the goods from bond, Reed Forwarding Limited makes the necessary arrangements with HMRC on their behalf, as well as arranging onward delivery to a chosen destination or loading on to a container for shipping.

Once the customer notifies Reed Forwarding Limited that the imported goods are en route to the UK, Reed Forwarding Limited deals with all Customs procedures and related paperwork. This includes liasing with the client’s shipping agent, arranging delivery from the port of entry to the UK directly into Reed Forwarding Limited's bonded warehouse in Bury St Edmunds.

Reed Forwarding Limited's Dry Bond Warehouse status allows us to store goods and defer payment of import duty and VAT under HMRC rules until the goods are issued from stock.

Customs bonded warehousing can play a major part in helping importers improve their cash flow position significantly. Storing imported goods in a Customs bonded warehouse enables companies to defer the payment of import duty and VAT until the goods are issued from stock. The result is a significant cash flow advantage for the importer. It is fully approved and authorised by HM Revenue & Customs.

Reed Forwarding Limited's dry bond status relates to most imported products other than alcohol and cigarettes.

Importers can move their dry bonded goods to Reed Forwarding Limited in order to improve their cash flow and also to consolidate all their stock into one provider within one warehouse location. Having all your dry bonded stock in one location saves you time, cuts costs and simplifies systems and procedures.

Outbound Goods

Inbound Goods

Fully approved and subject to regular audits by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), Reed Forwarding,s bonded warehouse is secure with 24/7 security and computerised stock systems